The rod that from its debut is conquering in the Italian and world scenes many competitions by many longcasters has only one name … ZENITH! A rod conceived, developed and tested by expert longcasters, able to combine its characteristics of lightness, power and responsiveness meeting the needs of the modern casting. Ideal both for those who must approach the competitions thanks to its sensitivity, both for the more expert launcher who will find, especially in the entry weights, a gratifying and stunning performance in metric terms. The standard tip is suitable for those who face this sport for all leads or expert who requires maximum performance, thanks to its extreme speed and sensitivity. To date, Zenith is available on the market with the possibility of choosing a different top, the Z2. More reactive tip, suitable for any lead, able to satisfy the most demanding casters for power and performance. The Z2 makes this structure a unlimited, thus widening its range of use in the leads of the Longcasting. Available in two sizes of 4.35m and 4.50m to meet all casting requirements. Tested for over a year, has won titles at national level but above all has excelled with the athletes of our national team at the World Championships. Thanks to this choice we tried to obtain a rod for all levels and styles, always keeping in mind that performance and ease of use are the synonyms of this tool.

Rod sheet