The first real rod divided into three pieces in the sea fishing industry from the beach, specifically designed for use with rotating reel. Power, lightness, sensitivity and ease of transport make Prima Rip a unique rod of its kind. The elasticity of compression contrasts with a quick and dry release given the particularity of the materials used. Equipped with a powerful second section, with the Prima Rip you can throw the leads where only the most powerful two-piece rods succeed. The summit with leads of 150 / 175gr perfectly supports the rough sea even in the presence of a side wind. Tested on the fields of Longcasting in ground with lead up to 175gr and in pendular launch with lead up to 150gr, has been impressed by the speed in recovery, the ease of management and the distances from real absolute breakdown. Power and fishing capacity of the two pieces for a truly sensational three-section rod. Used by fixed is the most powerful surfcasting rod with an optimal weight of 200gr.

Rod sheet