VERET was founded in 1975 as an evolution of the company FRATELLI PUCCI that since 1950 was dedicated to the production of natural bamboo fishing rods only. VERET is the abbreviation of VETRO RESINE TOSCANE, a name that recalls fiberglass, a material that in those years marked a real revolution and made our company one of the first in Italy in the production of telescopic fishing rods. But the real boom was when the company began experimenting with carbon fiber by building light, thin and reliable rods that overwhelmed the market and led the brand to establish itself both in Italy and abroad.

From that moment on, the company has always been looking for new materials and new technologies that have allowed it to maintain its trend of high quality. As a result of this experience, VERET is able to design a wide range of rods for all the techniques used in sport fishing at the same time, obtaining increasingly compact and resistant structures. This has allowed our products to achieve prestigious results at competitive level (individuals and teams) both in Italy and worldwide.

Over the years the technique has been gradually refined, and the constant study on the assembly of carbon with differentiated modules and other composite materials such as Alutex, Kevlar and Fiberglass, has led to the birth of new unique and sought-after specialized  products that have been used, not only in the fishing industry, but in many industrial fields. Subsequent products include the production of antennas for telecommunications, multipurpose telescopic poles, billets and flag-poles, industrial and mechanical pipes, furnishing accessories.

All products are first tested in the laboratory and then by experts in the sector, before being placed on the market, to ensure absolute quality and specification.

Even today, VERET is an independent Italian company still controlled by the Pucci family, which designs and manufactures its products in Italy in its own factory in Lucca, using only Italian labor in the past, and has always been inspired by values such as: seriousness, honesty and commercial correctness.  Our company guarantees a targeted and personalized service to all customer requests with the aim of reinforcing this historical brand more and more and affirming the true “Made in Italy” brand.