The Longcasting in the VERET house was born with the GLORIOSA, designed specifically for competitions and destined almost exclusively for this discipline. Two models in two different lengths for different needs. GLORIOSA LIGHT with a launch power of up to 150gr and a 23mm thin handle section. GLORIOUS STRONG with unlimited power makes this rod a full-range in all respects, with a section of the handle of 25.5mm. Both measures 4.15m and 4.35m. With these two combinations we are sure that everyone will have the opportunity to choose the rod suitable for their needs. During the whole design phase the testers have reached considerable distances using both lengths; in particular the Gloriosa Light with weights from 100 to 125gr has impressed those who have tried it for the ease with which you reach first-class distances with minimum effort. As can be clearly seen on the structures, following a precise study, a long power point has been created that has the function of unleashing a powerful loading action on the whole blank, with a subsequent release in closing very fast and powerful, thanks at the ultraconical tips, which stunned everyone who had it in their hands. The particular structure has been realized in total absence of any fiberglass material. The presence of pure carbon of the latest design and the use of special resins used make the Gloriosa extremely exciting, reactive and particularly able to crack the air in consideration of the reduced diameters.

The rod that marked the statement of VERET in the Longcasting sector!

Rod sheet