Two-piece rod suitable for the discipline of the Longcasting, it is placed in the band of the C curves and therefore the structure is completely loaded, ideally forming a total arc. In a single measure of mt. 4.35. The small diameter and weight make it a high-level tool in its specialty. In the AZIMUT a proportional amount of glass filaments has been incorporated, so that the fairly easy compression results in a decidedly quick release, so that the blank straightens itself rapidly on the finishing of the cast.  Easier to use than the Gloriosa, both for the lack of power point and for the diversity of the fibers of which it is composed. In all the weightings of Longcasting, it is possible to use the absolute ability to cast leads up to 175gr without problems and with excellent results. Already at the first impact there is the feeling of having a tool that is easy to manage, in fact all the range of weights are cast with absolute speed and without the least effort.  Its extreme softness and ease in casting the lead, makes it suitable for any technique. Basically the rod closes when the angler decides and does not cause problems. This pastiness and progressiveness in compression gives everyone time to reason. It is a rod that in the tests has given excellent results in Ground casting and since the handle is able to load easily, it also adapts to the casting with lead to the ground. The particular semi-rigid top at the tip allows you to keep the lead well hooked and is well connected on the arch of the upper part, and during compression, the flexibility of the top and the power of the curve determine an absolutely harmony.

Rod sheet