A versatile telescopic rod, which can be used in many fishing situations both from shore and from boat; for combative but suspicious prey. Made of high modulus carbon, very thin, extremely light and easy to handle. The stiffness of the stem is opposed to the sensitivity of the full carbon tip, which with its action…


Telescopic series established over the years, ideal for the bolentino but also known for many uses from the shore as light surf. Its parabolic but progressive action makes it pleasant in fishing for fish of different sizes, guaranteed its resistance to load stress. Thin handle and small size to facilitate fishing maneuvers from the boat…


Specific rod for sturgeon fishing, created in collaboration with the Todeschini staff. Powerful and progressive, allows the recovery of large fish without tiring the fisherman. The constructive system with variable modules allows you to have an excellent reactivity and a particular resistance making this tool really reliable. Made of 4 telescopic pieces, in the measure…


Surfcasting rod in three symmetrical pieces, created to also meet the fisherman who does not require excessively technical tools. The slightly more parabolic action gives this series a pleasant use but always with high quality features, as it is in the custom of VERET brand designs and constructions. Rod sheet Tuareg


Affirmed rod distributed by fishing, with exceptional performance. Three plug-in pieces with very high technical characteristics. Superlative cane with an excellent light-power ratio, built in collaboration with Spanish match fishermen and technicians, with new unidirectional pre-impregnated materials by HM. Rod sheet SCS

Prima Rip

The first real rod divided into three pieces in the sea fishing industry from the beach, specifically designed for use with rotating reel. Power, lightness, sensitivity and ease of transport make Prima Rip a unique rod of its kind. The elasticity of compression contrasts with a quick and dry release given the particularity of the…


Unique in its kind in the surf world, this complete series boasts all the weights and lengths that the various types of fishing require. The construction with multi-axial system and the use of the best materials on the market, as well as a high knowledge of the techniques of wrappling, have allowed us to realize…


Three-piece rod with the top in Solid Carbon incorporated into the tubular section, whose taper is calibrated in such a way as to have a curvature that helps the vision of the smallest of bites. The particular structure also allows the use of thinner lines obtaining excellent distances in the launches. Rod sheet E-Vento


Three-piece rod symmetrical, suitable both for pleasure and competition anglers. Easy to use and excellent performance. You can reach considerable distances even in simple casts. Powerful and sensitive. Modern and innovative look, equipped with a “Reflective Sheeting” spiral, like all the productions made in VERET, to accentuate the night vision of the top. Rod sheet…

Artemide Tris

Practicality, lightness and power are its characteristics. This three piece is equipped with three interchangeable tops with different actions. Created for beach  fishing from the, its use can not be excluded from the reef or from the port, adapting itself to the most varied fishing conditions. Rod sheet Artemide Tris